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Our division has the vision and mission to be the provider and partner of choice for Green Technologies Engineering Solutions. Dedicated team to assess your Energy Savings opportunities and keeping you in-line with our Nation’s Green Movement towards Developing Sustainable Future.


Our Green Technology specializes in developing eco-friendly and consultancy solutions for the building owners and businesses. Our clients rely on us as the green contractor to reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle in measurable, manageable, and practical ways. Our scope of work is defined into 5 categories:

o   Energy Efficiency
o   Renewable Energy
o   Thermal Comfort
o   Water Efficiency
o   Sustainable Environment

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency will be our core technology. By implementing energy efficiency solution in buildings will help our clients to reduce wastage and getting more savings by producing the same output. 

Energy Efficiency – Less Wastage, More Savings

We offer the following solutions for Energy Efficiency:

·      Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Audit
·      Energy Efficiency Engineering Solutions
·      Energy Supply Optimization - powerPerfector
·      Energy Demand Optimization - ABB
·      Energy Management & Demand Monitoring - Anacle

Other solutions

·      Sustainable Environment – BioCube, Sustainability
·      Water Efficiency – Reuse of resource
·      Renewable Energy – Alternative source of energy