Mecomb Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Lot 20, Jalan 225,
Petaling Jaya,
46100 Selangor,

Engineering Retrofit and ID

Our Engineering Retrofit and ID department provides finished buildings solutions through conceptual and detailed interior designs crafted to embody both aesthetic appeal and pragmatism of actual occupancy/use.
Our core competency lies in understanding and translating the customer's envisioned ideas into refined designs that successfully capture the spirit and essence of the atmosphere intended with existing/eventual building operations. 
Whilst ensuring our bespoke designs remain distinctively unique, we achieve this within the cost boundaries clearly defined by the client during the conceptualization stage. This ensures the project remains firmly entrenched within the customer's provisioned budget with design elements being optimized to suit the calculated costs. 
We complement this forte with our experienced ID construction team to ensure the project is delivered as a 'one-stop' solution to the customer, offering fluidity in the process flow where the transition between design and construction phases, and the close coordination required thereof, is seamless.